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How We Help Book Authors

This is what we live for. We like to put our focus on creating a good relationship with our authors, knowing them and their work better, then creating the results they need. We at AlphaBooksUnited are committed to excellence in the written art, so expect to work with only the best talents in the industry.

With our team of professional book designers, illustrators, and editors, you are guaranteed that your book is in good hands from step 1 to the final stages for live submission.

You are assured that you have a team of editors and designers who will make sure that the overall design and quality of your content is aligned with your vision for your book. From advanced cover design, customized illustrations, in-depth developmental editing, and print-ready layout, we ensure that you not only get top-notch quality, but also a great publishing experience.

Here at AlphaBooksUnited, we will provide the utmost care to ensure the best possible product tailored to your specifications and needs.

We are also always on the lookout for promising work. So while we publish titles, we also keep our eye out for books that have great potential to be the next best sellers. Once you’re earmarked, we open the possibility for you to be eligible for a non-contributory agreement with us so we can help you market your book and live it up to its full potential—and maybe bag different accolades along the way.